Vanvisava Resort Amba. Vanvisava Resort Amba. Vanvisava Resort Amba. सह्याद्री पर्वतरांगांमध्ये वसलेलं आंब्याचं खरं वैभव मानोली बॅकवॉटर, आंबा किल्ले विशालगढ, आंबा टेभूर्णी गाव, आंबा रान फुलांनी सजलेला सडा रान फुलांनी सजलेला सडा

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Welcome to Vanvisava Family Resort, Amba Ghat

Facilities at Vanvisava Resort, Amba Jungle Safari, Amba Bullock Cart Ride, Amba Camel Ride, Amba Horse Ride, Amba

Amba.....The famous root during Shivaji Maharaj's times acting as bridge between kokan & kolhapur.

We welcome you to Amba ghat is a mountain pass on Ratnagiri-Kolhapur road (NH 204) in Maharashtra, India, at a height of 2000 ft above sea-level, This ghat lies in the Sahyadri mountain ranges (Western Ghats) and has picturesque mountain-scapes and a pleasant climate. It is situated near Shahuwadi, Kolhapur District and has nearby interesting places are Panhala Fort, Pawankhind and Vishalgad fort. It is a convenient weekend destination for Kolhapur Tourists.

Amba is one of the famous hill station in Maharashtra consisting of the beauty of nature.The thrill of experiencing all the seasons is outstanding. Here the waterfalls of great heights are observed during rainy season, on the other hand a warm bed of dew drops would be seen during winter and in summer all the trees appear to be sheddy. The nature at Amba takes varied scenes and attracts everyone. The cool & fresh air blowing through hills & valleys, the silent music blown by the birds is heart touching & the clean water flowing is just like the service provided by five star. Along with it the experience of watching jungly animals like Samber, Bison, Hornbill, Lion, Rabbits, Peacocks, Jungly pigs & many more is really outstanding & owe some......

Amba as one of the wellknown hill station is attracting many of the touristors. Besides, it the two dams namely Manoli & Gelwade dams & their huge bank water is one of the tourist place. Also the visiting places like kokan-darshan, waghacha zara, saticha mala which are full of greenary on all sites are present where we would be lack to capture their beauty in our eye-sights. Alongwith natural beauty Amba has a long historical background. Pavankhindi the historical place eliciting the boldness & devoting nature of Baji Prabhu Deshpande is present over here. Hence the trip to Amba becomes complete & unforgettable in all sense. Words & space fall short of to elicit the beauty during rainy season.!!!

Amba is famous cause of one more reason and that is due to farms of tea plantation. The experiment of tea plantation in Maharashtra which was seemed to be impossible was completed in Amba itself. Also the various buisnesses like silk production, Amba tunnel factories are coming into existence which makes Amba important in buisness manner as well and there is no doubt about it!!!

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