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Vanvisava Resort , Amba Ghat

Welcome to Vanvisava Resort Amba
Amba.....The famous root during Shivaji Maharaj's times acting as bridge between kokan & kolhapur.
We welcome you to Amba ghat is a mountain pass on Ratnagiri-Kolhapur road (NH 204) in Maharashtra, India, at a height of 2000 ft above sea-level, This ghat lies in the Sahyadri mountain ranges (Western Ghats) and has picturesque mountain-scapes and a pleasant climate. It is situated near Shahuwadi, Kolhapur District and has nearby interesting places are Panhala Fort, Pawankhind and Vishalgad fort. It is a convenient weekend destination for Kolhapur Tourists.
Amba is one of the famous hill station in Maharashtra consisting of the beauty of nature.The thrill of experiencing all the seasons is outstanding. Here the waterfalls of great heights are observed during rainy season, on the other hand a warm bed of dew drops would be seen during winter and in summer all the trees appear to be sheddy. The nature at Amba takes varied scenes and attracts everyone. The cool & fresh air blowing through hills & valleys, the silent music blown by the birds is heart touching & the clean water flowing is just like the service provided by five star. Along with it the experience of watching jungly animals like Samber, Bison, Hornbill, Lion, Rabbits, Peacocks, Jungly pigs & many more is really outstanding & owe some......

Tour Information

Where is this wonderful resort located?

Vanvisava Resort prides on its beautiful location and pollution-free atmosphere. This charming resort is located at Amba, a short drive from Pavan Khind (known for the acts of bravery of Bajiprabhu Deshpande) and Vishalgadh, a historic fort and heritage destination. Welcome to Vanvisava Resort where Mother Nature endows you with her bounties – you are greeted by small lakes dotting the landscape, a carpet of soothing greenery and the chance spotting some wildlife! A 7-hour drive from Mumbai, a journey of 4 hours from Pune/Solapur/Panaji and a travel of 2-hours from Sangli-Belgaum will bring you to this little paradise. Whether it is a short weekend or a long family vacation, Vanvisava Resort is the ideal place to rewind in the lap of nature – without giving up on comfort or convenience!

Nearby attractions

Jungle Safari

Embark on an exciting adventure with our ‘A Day in the Jungle’ program. After a hearty breakfast, set off on an exploration of the Amba forest that delights nature lovers with its rich flora and fauna. Travel in an open-top jeep, walk along the narrow forest path or admire the natural beauty by climbing atop the vehicle. The forest is known for its variety of wildlife, including bison, leopard, tiger, deer, wild pig, rabbit and peacock. Guests get a chance to see these wild animals in their natural habitat.

Tea Plantations

It comes as a surprise to most of us that tea is cultivated in Maharashtra…And Amba is that very place where you get to see tea plantations.

Other Places

Amba holds many other attractions to the tourist, most of which are situated in the vicinity of Vanvisava Resort. Admire the awesome view of the backwaters of Manoli and Gelwade Dams; enjoy the captivating vista at Konkan Point; experience the thrill at the Waghacha Zara waterfall; delight in the natural beauty at Saticha Mala. Blessed as it is with natural abundance, Amba is also a place of historical significance. The famous Vishalgadh Fort, which is an iconic relic of Chhatrpati Shivaji’s empire, can be quickly reached from the Resort. Also easily accessible is Pavankhind, another historical gem of a place, which witnessed the bravery of Bajiprabhu Deshpande. It revokes memories of the fierce battle fought in the 17th century, where Bajiprabhu and other 300 odd Maratha soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice. As we explore these historically splendid places, the sight of clouds descending down into the valleys and moving ahead with the wind is truly a treat to the eyes. The azure blue sky, gurgling waterfalls, gently undulating hills carpeted with greenery and fresh, crisp air – nature works its magic on us, making us thoroughly refreshed inside out.

Accommodation at the Resort

Situated in naturally beautiful surroundings, Vanvisava Resort has a capacity to accommodate 150 guests at a time. You can make the most of our hospitality and tourism packages by arriving in groups. Our resort heartily welcomes groups of 6 to 16 tourists, who can stay in our spacious bungalows (AC & Non-AC) featuring 4, 6 and 8 bedrooms. We also provide AC & Non-AC cottages. The bungalows and cottages are tastefully decorated; facilities such as TV, fridge, attached bathroom and hot running water in the bungalows make your stay pleasant and comfortable.
The premises at Vanvisava Resort offers several amenities for children ,including play park, horse riding, bullock cart rides, badminton court, yoga hall, among others. A little library, with its modest collection of books/magazines and indoor games such as chess and carom offer excellent recreation to both kids and adults alike.

Salubrious climate

The climate at Vanvisava Resort is pleasant and moderate right through the year. The place is surrounded by a green cover, hills, streams and small lakes, which makes it cool & comfortable even in the summer months. Just in case you feel a bit exhausted from the jungle safari, you can take a cool dip in one of the little lakes to freshen up… Vanvisava Resort is an easily accessible, safe and secure place that delights you with a thoroughly revitalizing experience.


Hygienically prepared, fresh and tasty food is our specialty at Vanvisava Resort. Pithale, bhakari, bharit and kharda, made in authentic traditional style, gives an irresistible rustic touch to the food. You can also enjoy delicious srikhand puri, basundi and puranpoli. Enjoy a hearty breakfast of poha, upma, shira or bread-butter. Iterms Idli and thalipeeth, along with fasting items such as sabudana khichadi, are served on prior intimation. With separate veg and non veg kitchens and comfortable seating arrangements, lunch or dinner at Vanvisava Resort is an experience to cherish.
Lovers of non vegetarian food can look forward to the famous Kolhapuri tambda and pandhra rassa, mutton fry, roasted chicken (grilled on a traditional chulha) and fish recipes (as per availability). The Resort serves food in thali style (unlimited) and the package includes breakfast, lunc, dinner and tea/coffee/mil thrice a day. Lunch is available till 3 pm and dinner is served till 11 pm in the spacious dining hall.

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