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    Karnataka Bank

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    Vanvisava Family Resort (Current)

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  • Branch : SIBER Campus Branch Univercity Road, Kolhapur

Online Room Booking Terms & Conditions

  1. Room Booking Enquiry is the Additional Facility to Our Customers.
  2. Online Room Reservation is totally dependable on Room Availability on that date and time.
  3. Online booking needs 60% Advance Payment.
  4. After receipt of payment, we will send you confirmately mail, then only the room booking is confirmed.
  5. Veg / Non Veg Food Served at Restaurant Only.
  6. No Cold-Drinks & Packaged Drinks Served / Available in Resort.
  7. Traditional cold drinks are available such as Awala(India Gooseberry) Sarbat, Limbu (Lime) Sarabat, Tak (Butter Milk), Solkadi in Resort
  8. No Frozen Foods Served in Resorts.
  9. Market is 16 Km Away from Resort so please tell us your food preference well in advance.
  10. Morning Breakfast & Tea will be served at Rooms.
  11. Lunch, Dinner & Evening Tea will be served at Restaurant.
  12. Vanvisava Resort spread across 20 Acres in land thus its not possible to serve room service.
  13. Resort have only Thali System. Chinese Food not available in Resort.
  14. Punjabi Recipes served on special and prior request.(Additional Charges Applicable)
  15. Please Allow 45 Mins for Food Preparation.
  16. No fireworks allowed in Resort Area as well as in Jungle its highly dangerous.
  17. We request all tourist to avoide plastic items in Resort Premises.
  18. Drinks & Smoking Allowed Strictly at your Own Rooms.
  19. Games are provided on first come first serve basis.
  20. Medical / Health / Yoga Facility Available in Club House.
  21. Laundry Service available at extra cost.
  22. Though the Resort is in Forest Area there are more possibilities of fluctuation of electricity, please allow 20 Mins to start Generator.
  23. Since you are in natural areas, in order to avoid possibly dangerous situations for both our travelers and the wild animals, it is extremely important that all travelers obey the rules and regulations set forth by the Local Guides and/or Program Leaders. Any violators of this rule can be debarred from entry into the jungle by authorities.
  24. All we ask of you is to follow one simple rule: 'Prevention is better than cure' and help us make this a truly memorable journey for you, for all the right reasons! vanvisavaresort.com wishes you a happy and safe vacation at Amba!