Resort is really good
I am visited second time to this Resort, said Resort is really good, all staff is very polite, very much hospitality, very peace full place and cooperative other resort rate is very reasonable, the area of the resort is very large and feeling like a jungle, food is very delicious, specially “Pandhara Rassa and Tambada Rassa”, his owner Mr. Pradeep Jadhav is established this resort not for earn money only for people’s peace of mind, my family and friends really enjoyed very much. I am decided to visit said Resort again. Thank to the Mr. Pradeep Jadhav, maintain this continually
Shirish A Jadhav, Advocate & Notary, Pune.
खूप छान
Service best. Food best. Very Nice Atmosphere
Ganesh charmukh

Food is good
Food is good but there should be variety and choice. Please don't serve that and others in the night also Location and the workers / employee / staff are co-operative and helpful. But service should be fast and instant
Kailash Mantri
Nice Location
Nice Location food quality is good but lot of repetition, some variety needs to be these with different meals. Management of thing and in the resort neads to improve people are nice though. Jungle safari was too good
Ashish rathi
Amba is beautiful
Amba is beautiful hill station and stay of vanvisava was an overall great experience. loved the service and behaviour of staff member. Bungalow was neat /clean. Needs improvement – More co-ordination for food , Staff a peak is not sufficient to serve all , Kitchen should have gas / cylinder , Street light should be working.
Reema Gupta
Vanvisava is a beautiful
Vanvisava is a beautiful resort at hill station amba. Bungalow which is allotted to us is having good qualities is which to families can be accommodation easily. Atmosphere good, staff is also good, but need to improve food quality to certain extent.
D.M. Patil advocate Kolhapur
वन विसावा ह्या नावाप्रमाणेच
वन विसावा ह्या नावाप्रमाणेच अगदी निसर्गाच्या सानिध्यात राहण्याचा अनुभव मिळाला . येथील वातावरण खूपच सुंदर आहे घरगुती जेवण अतिशय छान आहे. खासकरून सोलकडी अतिशय छान वाटली.
सौ. गायत्री व श्री प्रशांत देसाई
Room and atmosphere is very nice
Food quality is good but there should be variety and choice
Food quality should be improved
Fish should be available
Resort is very good
Resort is very good staff is very good but staff person should be trained- training to staff ceiling fat is must in every room food quality is good
Nice people and service
Nice place , Food quality is good , Overall nice experience
Mahesh joshi / Mukul rajashree
अतिशय अप्रतिम वातावरण
अतिशय अप्रतिम वातावरण . जेवेन अतिशय सुंदर. निसर्गाच्या सानिध्यात राहण्याचा उत्तम अनुभव. ताक अतिशय सुंदर. नावाप्रमाणेच वनात विसावा
काटदरे कुटुंब
आपल्या रेसॉर्ट मध्ये अतिशय सुंदर असे जेवण
आपल्या रेसॉर्ट मध्ये अतिशय सुंदर असे जेवण व आपल्या स्टाफ चे सहकार्य लाभले
रोहित शहा